Lismore Lantern Parade

It’s a cold day and the Lantern Parade’s new premises has 5 volunteers and 2 paid staff on hand to help fix the 50+ lanterns that were damaged in the flood. Alongside this is the ongoing refurbishment of the new premises that they hadn’t expected to be in until August, but with the toxic flood wipeout of their old home, LightnUp Inc and the Lismore Lantern Parade had to move prematurely.

The new home is perfect for the needs of both organisations and amply holds all the lanterns, volunteers and artists in a creative urban factory space. As we wander throughout the building having a look at the state of the lanterns, it is apparent that a lot of work has gone into restoring these lovelies to their former glory but also that there is still a long way to go, with broken wings, missing flanks, dirty feet and crushed teeth very much evident in over 50% of the lanterns. The place is quiet as everyone gets on with their job.

The program, in shorthand, for Saturday 24 June, includes Viking Village Solstice, Kids ArtsFest, Street Band Workshops, Market deLight, Heartbeat Stage, Artwomb Laneway Party, Winter Warmers, Shadow Dreaming, the Parade and finally the Fiery Finale.

The Lantern Parade is a fixture in the Lismore calendar and has the same people returning every year to walk with their lanterns along the midtown trail. So what will the difference be this year?

This year the story of the flood will be woven through everything. From the workshops to the shop windows, to the market stalls and the Fiery Finale, the acknowledgement and celebration of resilience will be present.  For the parade itself, it will be smaller than previous years but the huge acknowledgement and celebration for the parade is of the many volunteers from the Lismore and wider Northern Rivers community who have helped restore the lanterns and the premises of LightnUp Inc itself.

For the 24 June workshops, it will be business as usual with kids and adults alike encouraged to get their creative artistic flow happening in decorating their own lanterns, polishing up their tunes or making art.

For shop owners it will be a welcome week to dress up their windows and show off their new ‘heart’.

For the Winter Warmers it will provide a great opportunity for everyone to catch up and share their stories whilst eating great food at Oakes Oval.

For the Market deLight, artists and art groups are encouraged to engage with the community by applying for a stall to bring your art to the marketplace. Bring your personal art, your group art, your flood inspired art, your upcycled/recycled pieces of art, your genuine fair trade articles, your craft and/or your demonstrations to help add to the collective, creative community feel that makes up this event. To book a stall please contact Lismore Lantern Parade either via email [email protected] or download the Application Form here and return to [email protected]

The day would not be complete without the Fiery Finale and this year the finale will not disappoint. With the flood as its theme, the finale will be made up of performance vignettes to delight and startle the audience with a heartfelt celebration of the community utilising light, fire, music, drama and dance. Michael Coleman will once again be the Creative Director for this event.

Please note the finale is a ticketed event and it is suggested you book early either online  or by calling Lismore Visitor Centre on 1300 369 795.

Saturday 24 June

12pm – 9pm

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