Lismore Mural | Indigenous Artist Luke Close

The stunning mural outside the Lismore Regional Gallery is nearly done and in this news story, Indigenous artist, Luke Close, shares with us the concept behind his nearly completed work as well as a bit about his life.

“I was born in QLD. My father is Githabul. His father, my grandfather came from Woodenbong. That’s why I have come back to this area. I returned in 1995 to honour my fathers country, my country.

I entered into the arts arena doing Indigenous designs because it keeps coming to me. I went off and got two degrees, A Bachelor of Fine Arts and an Honours in the Fine Arts. Anybody who knows me knows that I paint and I have been painting forever. I paint all the things I keep seeing all the time and it’s all about the land. It’s all about instances of the Bundjalung dreaming.

This place is just magnificent and a wealth of knowledge comes through the elders, through the people that live here and through local Indigenous people and just the land itself. It’s stunning! I’m on a journey of colour and culture. The more I learn about this land, the more I learn about myself.

The mural I am working on now is an expression of interest the Lismore Regional Gallery put out wanting an artists impression of Lismore.

My main concept is based on the themes of the Aboriginal Culture of the area, abundance, water and gathering together. The mural represents Lismore being in the basin where rivers, waterfalls and water holes are a major focus of our lives. As you stand in the mural space you are positioned in the basin looking into the hills of an evergreen environment. You can hear the Whian Whian waterfall as it splashes into the waterhole hole and flows onto Rocky Creek Dam. You can almost hear the happiness of people who gather at the waterhole as you stand in the image. Majestic trees stand tall and proud at the forefront displaying the markings of our sacred sites, our burial grounds and ceremony areas. Telling our stories: reminding us of the Traditional people and their long connection to this place. As you look beyond the canopy of the trees the traditional markings fill the sky. Step back soak in the abundance, the green, you can almost smell the forest and its life. Know you are welcome in this place of meeting, fun and creation.

I wanted to invoke harmony and peace with this mural and also the Spirit Mother we all share while we live in this beautiful place. The water hole represents a communal place which is what I see the Gallery as. It all joins everything together as a meeting place for all of us.” Luke Close 2017

Images | Luke Close and the Lismore Regional Gallery Mural Wall