23 October 2017

Local Electro Duo Share in Regional Arts Touring Funding

More audiences across regional NSW will have access to productions thanks to Regional Arts Touring funding of $282,603 from Create NSW.

Seven professional music, dance and theatre organisations will share their productions across the state including local live electronic music performance art piece, The Ironing Maidens whose work explores topics of domesticity, technology and the history of women in electronic music.

The local Lismore based duo, Melania Jack and Patty Bom who will be performing at Artstate Lismore in November, will tour NSW regional centres and utilise each town’s main laundromat as an experimental performance space. The performance will be accompanied by a public workshop, focussing on electronic music production (EMP) and electronic instrument making. The project will offer employment and participation for three artists and three crew members over a three-week period.

Create NSW CEO Michael Brealey said that increasing support for organisations outside of Sydney is important in improving access to contemporary arts and cultural opportunities for communities in regional NSW.

‘The cost of touring can often be prohibitive … but sharing their productions across the state has a great benefit in strengthening local connections to arts and culture and ensuring that some of the state’s best work can be seen by more people.

‘With such a strong quality of diverse productions being generated in NSW, we want to extend these exciting productions so that the wider state also gets to share in these experiences. There is an incredible pool of talent to be shared,’ Mr Brealey said.

For further information on arts, screen and cultural funding, including targeted support opportunities from Create NSW click here.