22 September 2017

The 2017 Mullum Music Festival

Festival Director Glen Wright took some time to answer some questions for us about this year’s exciting 10 year event.

What makes this year’s 10th Anniversary edition different from past years festivals?

For the 10th Anniversary we wanted to have some amazing internationals on board, so did an early announce with acts such as Grammy Award winning Jon Cleary and The Monster Gentlemen (US), Frazey Ford (CAN), Marlon Williams (NZ), Too Many Zooz (US), Lindi Ortega (CAN), Z-Star Delta (UK), The East Pointers (CAN), and Gabriel Garzon-Montano (US). This enabled us to sit back to think what has made the festival so much fun over the first 10 years. Presenting new acts is always exciting but it is the musicians and performers who have been with us on the journey that have really helped make our festival. So the second line up announce was all our favourite acts of the first 10 years, including Harry James Angus with his new gospel band, Mama Kin (joining up with Spender and a local choir), Tinpan Orange, Husky, Lucie Thorne, Jo Jo Smith (celebrating her 50 years in music, Sal Kimber and The Rollin’ Wheel, Suzannah Espie, King Tide, Oka (performing their legendary end of festival set on Sunday) and many more.

What makes Mullum Music Festival unique compared to the other big national Music and Culture Festivals?

We are relaxed and we are all about the music. From piano bars, to café pop ups, street parades and hall gigs, it’s intimate and it’s fun. There really is something for everybody and you can leave having danced, learnt a new skill or two, laughed and maybe even cried.

In terms of Public Programs and workshops, what does the festival have to offer, apart from all the amazing Music Gigs?

We have a range of workshops such as African dance and drumming with West African performer Gabriel Otu, body percussion with the legendary Greg Sheehan and many more such as yoga, vocal, brass and storytelling workshops. We also partner with Renew Fest to present a program jam packed workshops and forums with a focus on positive actions for a sustainable change.

How have you worked with the local community this year to develop a locally supportive and beneficial event?

Working with the community is something we have done since the inception of the festival and the support has what has helped us get this far. Dear to my heart is the Street Parade that happens on Sunday and part of this is inviting members of the community to rehearse every Tuesday to learn the songs. Also, the youth mentorship program has a far reach into the community, engaging many local youth and their friends and family. We also work with local business owners, utilizing many of the fantastic spaces in the area as venues.

What are your personal “must see” recommendations or highlights for 2017?

There’s just so many it is hard to pick some for the small space in the article! But of course, Jon Cleary and The Monster Gentlemen are simply legendary, Lindi Ortega is mesmerizing, Too Many Zooz will definitely get the crowd jumping, Gabriel Garzon- Montano is a whole lot of deep funk and soul, and Wallis Bird for her amazing ability to fill the stage with sound and energy. I am also excited about many of the up and coming acts like Stella Donnelly and Sal Wonder. Oh and I must mention Ukulele Death Squad and The Coconut Kids. Both those bands are a whole lot of fun!

Dates: November 16 – 19 2017

Images | Courtesy Mullum Music Festival