5 April 2017

Northern Rivers Artists Flood Crowdfunding Campaign

Everyone at Arts Northern Rivers is devastated seeing how the floods have affected our communities, creative industries and local artists.

By way of assisting, we are committed to ensuring that there is effective support for all artists and creative industries who have experienced flood damage. We are extremely aware that many people cannot afford natural disaster insurance and therefore are reliant on outside support to replace important tools of trade and to get their businesses back up and running.

This week, Arts Northern Rivers has partnered with Common Ground Byron Bay to assist with distributing funds from the crowd funding campaign,  Northern Rivers Artists Flood Campaign on the Go Fund Me platform.

We are in the process of setting up a sub committee of local representatives who will assist with making the distribution process fair and transparent for all.

Updated information about the process of application will be posted immediately as it comes to hand, please keep your eye on our social media and our website news page for these updates.

Meanwhile please let all your contacts know about the campaign and where they can go to make a donation. Small or large it all counts.


Go Fund Me |  Northern Rivers Artists Flood Campaign


Images  | Supplied by Common Ground and Clayton Lloyd, Flawless Imaging