Wahng Ngulliboo | Karridjarrkdurrkmirri | Working Together

This group exhibition celebrates a unique collaboration between two groups of Indigenous women textile artists.

Earlier this year, the Bundjalung Casino Wake Up Time Group and the Kunwinjku women artists from Injalak Arts & Crafts, in Oenpelli, Arnhem land, participated in a cultural exchange, sharing culture, weaving, dying and printing techniques.

This exhibition will run from 28 June – 23 July and showcases the textiles work of both groups of artists as well as some collaborative pieces created during the cultural exchange program. Stunning hand printed and naturally dyed lengths of silk, linen and cotton will be displayed, alongside intricately woven fibre pieces, created from natural local materials and dyed in the respective natural dyes from each region.


Launch Event 

The exhibition will be opened by Peter Wood with the opening address by project facilitators, Jude White and Kylie Caldwell.

Thursday 29 June 2017

5:30pm – 7:30pm

Northern Rivers Community Gallery, 44 Cherry Street, Ballina.


Images | Charlotte Haywood and Susanna Freymark.