Art on Bundjalung Market Artist – Kay Lee Williams

Meet Kay Lee Williams

I enjoy drawing, sculpture, ceramics, painting and printmaking. Recently I discovered weaving and eco dyeing and have gone into this with a lust and passion for learning how to create patterns from nature and weave magical items. Both techniques involve gathering, finding and harvesting materials from the North Coast of NSW. My specialty is Bangalow Palm Baskets and I collect the fronds from this area where the Bangalow Palms thrive. My work is about identity and place. These things are very important to me and I know where I come from but I also know where I want to be. The elements I am working with at present are water and earth.

At the market I will be exhibiting scarves, bags and tea towels made using this technique and also Blue Indigo Dyeing techniques along with Bangalow Palm baskets and sculptural pieces.