Art on Bundjalung Market Artist – Tahuni Lingah Arts

Meet Jennifer Rowe 'Tahuni Lingah Arts'

Residing in Yamba, I am in awe of the natural beauty and deep spirituality of the river, ocean, land and sky. Being in Yaegl country I immerse myself in the strong culture and this is reflected in how I express those natural elements I have an affinity with. Using acrylic paint and occasionally art pens on canvas, I transfer the feelings of connection, respect and symbiosis through the use of contemporary Indigenous art techniques, materials and style.

My ancestors in Tasmania were shellers and I also practice the craft of traditional shelling for jewellery making. Producing a piece of jewellery involves a long process from the collection of particular, significant shells and other organic materials, their cleaning and preparation, and then the stringing. The final step is the finished unique piece of Story jewellery.

Underlying my practice is the need to showcase Indigenous knowledge and educate the population about traditional practices that have ensured the survival of Indigenous Australian since the Dreamtime. Through art, I can help maintain the interest, engage in dialogue and stimulate conversation that supports and elevates the status of Australia’s First Peoples and increase the knowledge of our country as the traditional custodians.

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