Artist Kai Gecso-Thorndycraft Designs Auslan Creative’s Logo

Artist Kai Gecso-Thorndycraft Designs Auslan Creative's Logo

Born genetically deaf, dyslexic and with Aspergers Syndrome, Kai Gecso-Thorndycraft was encouraged to use art as a form of expression and communication from an early age. Kai has learnt to communicate to the world through a variety of genres including painting, illustration, photography and graphic design and was recently engaged to design the logo treatment for Auslan Creative. Kai explains;


“My perception is that life & death, past & present and all that we see physically is an illusion. Consequently, I find the beautiful chaos all around me fascinating and this is what I convey through my art in an entanglement of emotions that words, literally, cannot express.”


Can you explain the Auslan language used within the logo and your inspiration behind the concept? 

This logo was inspired by the sign for Auslan Australian sign language. The artistic concept was that I was looking for a symbol representing communication between all people, without exclusion. Two left hands show conversation between two people and the simplicity of black and white is easily adaptable and crisp across many platforms.


In what ways has using visual forms of communications inspired your arts practice?

Visual forms of communication have always been around me. As a young child they came in many forms such as Sign Language, flash cards to express my emotion, puppet rewards at the hearing centre to name but a few. I am a visual person and I learnt to adapt my emotion and thoughts, channelling them into my art practice. Art for me was encouraged from an early age, it is in my family, my generational blood. I feel so blessed that I have art as my creative outlet.


Your forms of expression range from paintbrushes and pencils, through to graphic design and photography – what medium do you enjoy working with the most?

As much as I enjoy many different mediums, my preference at this stage would be working with acrylic and oils. I love layers and texture and how I can relay a story through the depth of these layers.


Where do you want to be in ten years’ time?

I would like to continue my art practice into the future. My dream would be to have my own little gallery where I can paint and have other guest artists involved. Also helping others in the community through art as therapy would be ideal.