Artlands 2020 Call For Papers

‘ningina tunapri’ – ‘give knowledge and understanding’

As we all grapple with the pandemic unfolding around us, Artlands 2020 wants to hear what are the key issues, thoughts and themes that the arts community in regional and remote Australia need to address in these uncertain times. In this difficult and precarious cultural landscape Regional Arts Australia are continuing to plan for Artlands 2020 want to hear your voices! Call for papers close Monday 20 April.

The Artlands program will extend conversations and critical narratives taking place within industry, research, and academia, to reflect the emerging trends and responses experienced through arts practice in regional Australia. Designed to reflect and respond to emerging trends, Artlands seeks to stimulate critical reflection on practice and provide much-needed opportunities to gather, present work and enter into meaningful exchange.

Regional Arts Australia are acutely aware that our Artlands ‘calls for papers’ are opening amidst global uncertainty and extreme pressure on our industry. Scheduled for September 2020, the event is progressing with planning and considering many different models and opportunities. We will of course keep everyone informed as the situation unfolds and communicate the relevant amendments and adjustments as required.

Presentation Sessions

Artlands welcomes your contributions and encourages proposals from all disciplines and practices.

Panel: Convene a panel where three or four speakers with knowledge and expertise in a particular area, explore and challenge a particular topic. (60 minutes including questions)

Plenary: Case study research, innovation or example best practice with delegates in a 20 minute session, allowing 15 minutes for presentation and 5 mins audience questions. (20 minutes total)

Workshop/ Masterclass: Lead a workshop/ masterclass where participants actively develop their skills and knowledge, leading to new insights and new connections. (45 to 60 minutes / 2hrs / half day)

Deep Time: Facilitate a deep fundamental philosophical conversation allowing for time and space (90 minutes)

Short and Sweet: Through different formats we aim to provide an accessible and contemporary means for presenting and discussing practice or projects. 10 minute presentations and or 10 minutes of conversations. (20 minutes)

In Conversation: Round table conversations about regional practice in various indoor and outdoor locations – no technical support required: just good conversation (20, 45 or 60 minutes)

Special Event: This could be a ‘work in progress’ or an ‘out and about’ event. Something different to the above

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Image: Artlands Opening Night at Ulumbarra Theatre. Image by Diana Domonkos