Firstdraft 2022–23 Program Announcement

Firstdraft 2022–23 Program Announcement

The programmed participants represent diversity across disciplines, generations and experience, and include: Red Inc., Foong/McGrath, Yvette James, Visaya Hoffie, Gabriel Curtin, EJ SON, Monica Rani Rudhar, Lucy Goosey Feminist Art Collective, Charlotte Haywood, EO Gill, Anna May Kirk, Yvette Hamilton, Katie Winten, Brianna Curtis, Despo Debby, Gala Vanting, Hole Money, iwant2punishyou, Juniper Flemming, Lindsay Dye, Noah AKA Ugliest Hottie, Queenie Bon Bon, Rosalina Curtis, Tallulahs Rash, Zahra Stardust, Maissa Alameddine, Nick Breedon, Honey Trap Sound System, Bruce Koussaba, Megan R. Fizell.

Firstdraft is pleased to announce Lismore-based Betty Russ as the first artist selected to receive support through the Firstdaft × Metro Arts Program, a two-year reciprocal partnership creating investment in the production and presentation of new work by artists from regional NSW and QLD. Betty Russ’s project will premiere in November at Metro Arts before being presented at Firstdraft in February 2023.

In partnership with Adelaide Contemporary Experimental, Firstdraft is delighted to announce the selection of ACE Studio Program artist Shaye Dương, who has been supported to present a new exhibition in September 2022.

September will also see Firstdraft present an exhibition of regional NSW-based artists including Aleisha Londsdale, Asma D Mather, David Doyle, Freyja Moon, Gus Armstrong, Kate McKay, Lily Cummins, Ronnie Grammatica, co-curated by Amala Groom, Kristine Townsend, and Alex Wisser, and developed in partnership with Cementa.

The next Program Callout will open soon, seeking proposals for projects taking place in the second half of 2023. Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to find out when our next callout goes live.

The 2022–23 Program will launch with four new exhibitions opening Wednesday 6 July 2022.

Collective: Frenzy, 2021, curated by Anna May Kirk, Sophie Penkethman-Young and Nerida Ross, presented by Firstdraft in partnership with Art Month Sydney. Photo Charlie Hardy.