Leaving Jordan Joins the Up Next Line-Up

Leaving Jordan Joins the Up Next Line-Up

Leaving Jordan is an unlikely tale of old school mates, re-connecting as adults, to pool their emotions and life experiences into the universal expression of music.

Drawing inspiration from the hard-core Byron Bay scene, and rootsy north coast vibe, featuring deep melodic vocals and chunky breakdowns they’ve created their own fusion of indie, punk and rock.

Cory Robertson’s vocals are intoxicating, breathy and powerful in equal measure. Strong melody is a gift and they have it in spades. Their sound is soulfully underpinned by Ben Stoner (drums) and Jordan Barnham (bass), and it provides the rhythmic platform for Rhys Daniels and Charlie Eaton to layer-up the rich guitar parts that will define their sound.

Leaving Jordan have been thwarted by a world epidemic that ripped their inaugural tour from underneath them. For now, we will have to fall in love with them through their first studio offering. ‘Heir’ is a story of regret and realisation. It’s also an extremely good tune. There will be plenty more to follow.

Up Next

Thursday March 25

6pm – 11pm

The Northern, Byron Bay