Yeah, Nice!

Yeah, Nice!

You’re a new gallery to the Northern Rivers region, can you tell us about your journey – how did Yeah, Nice come to life?
Both of us come from creative backgrounds, with Jordi being an artist in her own right and Holly working in the creative industries for over 10 years. We had always talked about opening a gallery, but we never thought it would become a reality. We both work and have young families, so taking the plunge was a bit scary. Out of the blue, the perfect space became available and we decided to see if we could make it work. Our goal with Yeah, Nice was to create a cool space for artists who shared our vision for non-pretentious art, which was technically engaging and conceptually rich. We think of ourselves as grass roots and community driven, without being airy-fairy or hippy and the just the right combo for grunge, seriousness and femme. We opened with a group show in December 2018 and have been exhibiting each month from then on. 


What plans do you have for the Gallery – any big ideas you can tell us about?
We have a few fun shows coming up and plan to do some regular life drawing classes, which people have been begging for since our January artist, Filippa Edghill hosted one a few months ago. We’ve had a great response so far, so we intend to just keep on doing what we’re doing and hope that people love it. We have just finished exhibiting international artist, Nick Green, and late May will see an Italian artist, Stefano Pedrini’s solo show. In June the gallery is having a short break from shows before another solo show by a south Australian artist Thomas Ling. 


Thus far – what have been your highlights?
Just seeing that people are responding so well to the gallery and what we are all about. It makes us feel like a valuable part of the Rainbow Region community. Just seeing people turn up to each show gives us goose bumps. 


What have been some challenges of running a gallery?
It’s all pretty casual at the moment, some challenges would be having so (sadly) say no to some artists who have submitted work to us – our vision and our aesthetic is something that we want to hold onto fiercely, we aren’t just a space who will host anyone, the works, values and artists we put our names to really have to resonate with both of us. Also, the mum-juggle is real!


Right now, is this the greatest or worst time in history to be an artist in the Northern Rivers?
I am not sure that there has ever been the perfect time to be an artist here or anywhere! However I do think that there are pros and cons to making work in the Northern Rivers… There is definitely a great community of artists and creatives up here but it can be sometimes a little isolating as it’s rural and a little removed from the hustle and bustle of the city… being rural also means that there is very little access to share studio spaces. In saying that though, this is what Yeah, Nice intends to do.. to bring artists together to once space where they can converse and collaborate. 


Yeah, Nice!

Ross Industrial Complex
Mill Street
Mullumbimby, NSW


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