Arts Business Workshops

Arts Business Workshops

Join Creative Plus Business and Arts Northern Rivers for a series of arts business workshops, supported by the Business Connect program. This series of workshops is designed for artists, arts workers and small businesses in the arts looking for support.

‘Future Planning’ workshop

Thurs 16 Nov 2-4pm

Byron Community Centre

In this two-hour session, artists and arts workers will be supported to evolve their creative business to the next stage. This workshop reframes the planning process specifically for creative practitioners, and helps participants create a business and/or strategic plan that will actually help them progress and grow their creative profession. 

Participants will dig into the deeper issues of: 

+ The planning process in general, and making it useful both internally and externally; 

+ Choosing the right template, and adding an Action Plan; 

+ The four main sections: admin, finances, marketing and goals; 

+ The Personal/Private and Professional Plans. 

Resources and templates will also be provided for a variety of both business and strategic plans.



‘Diversifying Your Income’ workshop

Thurs 16 Nov 6-8pm

Byron School of Art

This two-hour session will share ways to broaden your income and revenue options beyond the obvious or immediate. Take a deep dive into creating an MVO, conducting a skills audit, passive income ideas, adding on products and services, and figuring out how to conduct testing and check on how ‘good’ your income ideas might be.

This workshop examines in detail: 

+ Identifying Core and Complementary Skills; 

+ Understanding and crafting a Minimum Viable Offering; 

+ Using a Skills Audit to inspire ideas; 

+ The ‘Cheat Sheet; of ideas that previous creatives have used to generate revenue; 

+ The testing process and how to identify a ‘good’ idea.



‘Pitch-face’ workshop

Friday 17 Nov 10:30-12:30pm

Grafton Regional Gallery

Pitching is a necessary part of professional creative practice, whether it’s discussing an idea for a work, talking to funding bodies about a project, or participating in a competitive pitch process or competition. It’s fraught with legal and marketing challenges, and needs to be approached in a thoughtful and strategic way. Pitchface is a relaxed workshops that provides practical advice on how to tell your best story, how to protect your ideas, and simple tips and tricks to avoid the ‘elevator pitch’ and build lasting relationships with the people who can help bring your ideas to life.

The workshop takes a practical and professional look at: 

+ Preparing for the Pitch – script, presentation, and you; 

+ Putting together a ‘live pitch’; 

+ Presenting online and in writing; 

+ Protecting yourself legally; 

+ The all-important Follow-Up.



These workshops have been made available thanks to Business Connect, an initiative of Service NSW. To book your free ticket, please register with Service NSW – a one step process that requires you to verify an email address (under one minute).

Creative Plus Business is an educational organisation with a focus on helping creative practitioners and arts organisations to develop and improve their entrepreneurial abilities, with a focus on small business, financial literacy, and marketing skills.