Celebrating Ceramics

Celebrating Ceramics

Arts Northern Rivers is CALLING OUT to all ceramic masters with a connection to the region – we want to get to know you!

We are seeking to profile ceramic makers, educators, writers, researchers, mentors and others who formed the vanguard in our region in the 70s, 80s and 90s – those practitioners that created the foundation for what has become a rich legacy of the ceramic movement in the Northern Rivers. We aim to celebrate this legacy, share your journey and open the kiln to reveal the rich history of Ceramics within our region.

This callout follows Geoff Crispin’s recent article in The Journal of Australian Ceramics surveying nationally recognised ceramicists and investigates the challenges of ageing, maintaining inspiration and creativity, navigating future development and the next generation of ceramic learning.

Celebrating Ceramics aims to recognise the contributions these artists have made to the overall ceramic landscape regionally, nationally and internationally.

To submit a profile or for more information contact:
Marketing & Communications Manager
Ingrid Wilson
02 6621 4433

Meet The Masters

Celebrating Ceramics will survey the evolution of ceramics in the Northern Rivers of NSW. The project explores the journey of those who have shaped this development and the way they have dealt with the challenges that manifest with age. These challenges can take the form of physical limitations, significant life changes, access to materials and workshops, maintaining inspiration and combining contemporary approaches with traditional practice. Over the past 50 years the substantial changes surrounding education, social structures and digital media have had an effect on the way in which generations interact and how their legacy is shared.

Meet those who have shaped our ceramic history and hear their stories: