Art on Bundjalung Market Artist – Wake Up Time Women Group

Meet Wake Up Time

The Wake Up Time Group is based in Casino and has been running for over a decade. They came together out of a need to support each other during difficult times through creative arts. Wake Up Time is renowned for supporting cultural renewal of traditional weaving and their artistic native plant dyeing of silk. In Northern NSW only a handful of weavers continue this practice.

The women have transformed their passion for weaving into a gorgeous collection of garments, jewellery, bags and hats. CWUT have participated in several exhibitions and conduct numerous workshops locally, regionally and nationally.

The group currently consist of 4 members:

  • Margaret Torrens is a Bundjalung woman. She likes to experiment with different material and produces unique rustic baskets.
  • Janelle Duncan is Kamillaroi Woman living in Bundjalung. She is a dexterous weaver that experiments with innovative contemporary and traditional shapes, sizes and styles.
  • Theresa Bolt is Bundjalung Woman. She plays an integral role in assisting the elders with collection of raw materials and she likes to explore contemporary forms using traditional techniques.
  • Kylie Caldwell is an emerging visual, fibre and textile artist, seeking to soak up the knowledge and wisdom from Bundjalung Jagoon (country).

At the market the group will sell woven baskets and jewellery, hand printed t-shirts and tea towels, native silk dyed wraps and ceramics.