Micro Grants Recipient | Antoinette O’Brien

Micro Grants Recipients | Antoinette O’Brien

The Micro Grants funding opportunity has assisted Antoinette for two purposes: firstly, to pay for participation in an online sculpture class (Head in Clay) run by renowned American artist, Cristina Cordova and secondly, to assist with the costs of some basic materials and tools to go towards works for exhibition at the Lismore Regional Gallery in March 2021.

Antoinette O’Brien’s work is both introspective and subversive. It sits at the crossroads of a garden meditation and the chaos of riot. The works Antoinette constructs reflect society and the community to which she is inextricably bound.

Antoinette has expressed herself in various media during her career including printmaking, performance, painting and installation. However, she always returns to clay which is the means by which she grounds herself.

Antoinette lives in Lismore NSW on unceded Bundjalung land, where she raises her two sons and runs Basso Studio.

Image: ‘Francis’ (2019)

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