Serendipiti Joins the Up Next Line-Up

Serendipiti Joins the Up Next Line-Up

Serendipiti is an 18 year-old indie/folk/pop singer-songwriter from the Northern Rivers with a deep passion for song writing and expressing raw feeling through music. Growing up in a family with music at its core, she developed a great love of writing and performing from an early age, writing songs from the age of 6. Since then, Serendipiti (artist name for Jessica Chate) has picked up guitar, and now writes beautiful and intricate melodies with chords that tug at your heartstrings. With a love of alternate tunings, her indie sound captures the thoughts and emotions of a teenager, infused with a deeper wisdom that speaks to the essence of humanity. Her music has been described as authentic and deeply emotional, finely crafted with raw, honest lyrics on a bed of sweet atmospheric guitar.

Founding member of Hunnybee (indie folk band specialising in 3-part harmonies), Serendipiti has an extensive experience and love of performing. As the songwriter of Hunnybee’s award winning track, “Meant to be,” she has a love of all things poetic. With a passion for both words and music, Serendipiti’s song-writing weaves these together into songs that tell stories, appealing to the human aspect and enrapturing audiences with her warm contemporary sound.

The heartfelt honesty of Serendipiti’s music and performance will have audiences hanging on every word, as she conveys the simplest joys and pains of life with just her lyrics and guitar.

Up Next

Thursday March 25

6pm – 11pm

The Northern, Byron Bay